My fantasy universes Details
All my fantasy universes play in the real world "Earth" in different timelines and with with an alternative story line. My fantasy universes are extremely detailled - alas, only a small part of my world-building is already drawn or published as stories or texts. I plan to create a large website soon.

There are many different races of anthropomorphical creatures in my world; some of them are:
- Sun dragons
- Earth dragons
- Tree dragons
- Blue dragons
- Mongolian dragons (Female reference, Male Genitals Anatomy)
- Raptors
- Monitor Lizards
- Komodo dragons
- Lizards and scalies in general
- Furries in general (outnumbered)
- Humans (outnumbered)
- Various exotic animal races: Among others, giant wasps and the Feuerdorn.
The medieval world of "Torronia" (inactive) Details
In the small province Torronia in Spain, well known because of its wine and the Sylvain Castle ("Castillo de Sylvain"), the sun dragon Sunny del Sol and the tree dragon Marvin Arbóreo are enjoying their life. In this timeline, humans and dragons live peacefully together.
"The Modern World" - Storyline "The Life of the Soldiers" Details
Click here to see the world map.

Many years after Torronia, in the modern age, where humans do not exist anymore, the German Dragon Army (US Army style, because they are an unit of the US Dragon Army) and the Mongolian Dragon Army of the Great Mongolian Empire are having a brutal warfare in China.

The Great Mongolian Empire is a joint of our world's China, Taiwan and Mongolia. In my timeline, due to the missing Great Wall of China, Mongolians could conquer China and therefore it is called the Great Mongolian Empire (sometimes also called the Great Mandarin Empire). The language is Mandarin and the script is Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)

The main characters on the GDA side are the medic officer Soleil del Sol, his assistant Dr. Lorenz, as well as the sun dragon Jared del Sol, the raptor Slither as well as Brick and a yet unnamed anthro camel general and many others.

Germany and their German Dragon Army are a subdivision of the United States of Eurasia (USE) which is very similar to USA, just in Europe (see Worldmap). The army of the United States of Eurasia (USE) is the United States Dragon Army (USDA). The soldiers of the USDA are more brutal and merciless than the GDA, and they are also involved in a war against the French Dragon Army (FDA), because France tried to conquer the Canadian Wastelands. The GDA are wearing US style DCU uniforms (but in different color), while the USDA use the US style Digicamo uniforms.

On the side of the MDA (Badge) of the Great Mongolian Empire (short GME, country map, Flag, Coat of Arms) we have one of my old fursonas, the executioner and former porn actor Aftab Sheng (his hometown Taibai, his car, his ID, his assigned gallows), Yarek Caan with his 2 kids, Patrick,
Bataar and many others. The leader of the MDA is the Beloved Leader who got the clout from his his father a few decades ago. The MDA are well-known for their cultural urine worship, their brutality and their preference to execute criminals and prisoners of war. All citizens of the Great Mongolian Empire are the purple Mongolian Dragons, see the current reference sheet of my Mongolian Dragons, in specific my executioner Aftab Sheng.

Far away, in the Canadian Wastelands, Darwin from the "Gut Eaters" raider gang, Marvin Arbóreo II and his mother Amanda Arbóreo are fighting for survival.

In the Amazon Rain Forest, the GDA has a test area for their AMP suits (from the Avatar movie). Regularly, they are in conflict with the natives in the jungle.
"The Modern World" - Storyline "The Life of the Truckers"
(currently my favorite fantasy universe) Details
Click here to see the world map.

In the United States of Eurasia (USE), we have a setting of new characters:

My current main fursona Lewis the trucker (Portrait and fact-sheet) has his origins in Hungary of the Balklands and is working for DinoShippingCorp. He drives and lives in a MAM flat nose truck. He is the de-facto leader of a gang of truckers who usually deliver in a convoy with him.

Mike the scoutmaster became Lewis's boyfriend (and cock slave).

But not all characters are peaceful. In the slums we also have some dark characters like the Raptor Brothers.
"The Fallen World" (inactive) Details
In this postapocalyptical world by veyoun, the sun dragon Solar del Sol as well as Lana Tyron are serving Atomic Apocalypse of the CHOTA (Children of the Atom) mutant gang. The CHOTA is fighting against the Red-Hazard-Crew and the Human Alliance.
Other universes Details
Beside the realistic universe, I also have a gag universe which contains Truti, a mix between turkey and vulture, available as text smileys, too, (° )v'(° ) as well as a lot of chicks (") (°° )' .

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